Live Cinema UK

As an extension of my interest in tech, culture and digital entertaiment, I work with Live Cinema UK, the country’s only organisation focused on bringing artists, exhibitors, distributors and producers closer together to create amazing experiential cinema events.

My projects and areas of interest are 360 video, virtual reality and livestreaming. 

In 2016 I produced Live Cinema UK’s festival livestreaming panel at SXSW, and at SXSW 2017 represented LCUK on the panel ‘The Future of Cinema in the Age of VR’.

In March 2019 we completed an Innovate UK-funded piece of research into headset-free virtual reality spaces, in partnership with dome company Igloo Vision.

We then worked on an XR Stories funded project called Surround Stories, bringing artists into fulldome to make new work, and growing awareness of the fulldome medium. 

Most recently we got some funding from the New Ideas Fund to write a big report about fulldome, and particularly fulldome in the UK. This is likely to be out in December 2023 and includes everything we’ve learned about fulldome in the last six years as well as all the work others are doing in the medium.