Immersive and 360 work


As a researcher into headset-free immersive experiences, I’ve participated in the programme at SXSW since 2016, usually as a panel producer and speaker.

Via Live Cinema UK, I will also publish an extensive report into the fulldome sector in summer 2024.


Sharing expertise on immersive experiences in articles for those interested in, or already working in, immersive.

Fulldome content

Shot with a 360 degree camera and edited for fulldom as part of the DJ Yoda fulldome show.

360 degree video

Shot with a 360 degree camera and edited for flat screen viewing online


With funding from Innovate UK, Live Cinema UK developed an idea of mine to create a 360 degree travel and nature video app, so any smartphone user could view 360 videos immersively using a cardboard headset.

The project is called Head Holiday and was a response to issues caused by lockdowns, in this case we wanted to address an increase in anxiety for those without access to nature.

Although the cardboard viewing device was already available and in use for immersive viewing of videos on YouTube, for example, there was previously no single app with a curated selection of travel and nature videos.

This is sample of the kind of experiences available (you can scroll around for a full 360 degree view, and click the settings wheel to raise the image quality to 8k).