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Where Do You Think You’re From?

Tom Wrigglesworth is an engineer-turned-comedian who – between voicing duckbilled platypuses¬†and writing shitty letters to The Man – also spends a lot of time accidentally looking a lot like some big shot American ‘football’ (rugby) ...

Consider our interest expressed

Bradford One have just submitted an official Expression of Interest to redevelop the former Bradford Odeon into 2 live venues, independent shops, bars and restaurants and creative production facilities. Since the landmark building has been ...

Is this thing still on?

I’d tell you why I haven’t updated my website for months and months, but then I’d have to kill you, and it’s really not exciting enough to be worth the few seconds you’d be alive ...

Feb, 05

Beat-herder 2013

Video blog from the world’s greatest festival.

Jul, 30

Review of Twilight

The other night I came home in a slightly worse mood than usual, and Tegan decided that what I needed to do was watch Twilight to make it all better. I suspect this is because ...

Feb, 02

‘Breaking up Bradford’ and the Tour de France

After seeing many tweets and Facebook comments about the Tour de France’s visit to Yorkshire not including Bradford, I accepted it as fact. Once again, losing out to Leeds as the face that Yorkshire will ...

Jan, 17


I wrote a poem about eggs once. The poem has enjoyed some success on Facebook, with further verses concerning the benefits of other food items also being submitted. It goes like this: *ahEM* Eggs, eggs ...

Jan, 10